When fatigue - a sign of disease

Anemia : 7 Things You Need To Know
began to notice for a personal energy crisis?Limit desire - to sleep?You can not survive the day without three (four?) cups of coffee?Perhaps the cause is midnight walk on facebook ... and maybe even something more serious.

Fatigue - one of the most non-specific symptoms that may indicate almost anything from overload at work until danger of heart failure.However, more than 3 million Americans root of this "tired" of evil is anemia.Maybe you're one of them?We will tell you about the 7 facts that should know about this "silent" condition.

1. It is a symptom, not a disease

Red blood cells are very busy with important work they deliver oxygen to every cell in the body.Anemia - a condition indicating a shortage of these cells or deficiency of hemoglobin (a protein rich in iron, which give blood red hue).The main question: what is the reason?

professor of medicine and dean of the State University of Southern Tennessee Robert Means Jr. explains anemia, comparing it with the heat, neither one nor the o

ther is not a disease, but it indicates a symptom, to another problem occurring in the body.

cause of high temperature, as a rule, in favor infection.But in the case of anemia causes can be many.One of the most common is the lack of iron, which is needed to make hemoglobin.If you suffer from anemia caused by iron deficiency, should increase the level of acceptance of this important matter with the help of supplements or iron-rich foods.

2. Many people do not think you have anemia

Although some people notice a disturbing for fatigue, many are not even aware that something is wrong.However, without taking adequate measures anemia worsens, and eventually you may find that you become much weaker and lose the last bit of strength, because the heart has to work more and more to support the access of oxygen to the cells.Other symptoms of anemia include dizziness, headaches, numbness in hands and feet, reduced body temperature, pale skin, shortness of breath, rapid and irregular heartbeat, chest pain, irritability and reduced quality of work and training.Left untreated, anemia can lead to heart failure.

3. Men are affected less often, but hard

In women of childbearing age anemia - which still can not be taken carelessly - are usually not a threat, since it is quite natural: women lose a lot of blood due to menstruation and childbirth,so the solution to this problem is simple enough (with iron supplements is quite enough).In men who are "exempt" from such natural blood loss, anemia is alarming and may indicate a serious disease, such as colon cancer.

4. vegetarians are not doomed to anemia

Good news for those who lead a herbivorous lifestyle or rarely include animal products in food: you are not required to become carnivorous to make up the rate of iron in the diet.While red meat, chicken, fish, eggs and milk - some of the best sources of iron, get this stuff and you can of lentils, beans, tofu, spinach, iron-fortified bread and dried fruits.To make the most of ingested iron, enrich your diet with foods high in vitamin C - strawberries, broccoli and orange juice - they help to absorb more iron.


Coffee lovers, beware!Not necessarily completely renounce drink, but you should avoid it in between meals - caffeine interferes with the absorption of iron from food.If your doctor has prescribed iron supplements, start drinking coffee just an hour or two after taking the tablets.


If you see a list of symptoms of anemia, you are absolutely sure that you have it, it is necessary to urgently start taking iron supplements, right?Do not hurry.If you take iron in the absence of the deficit, it can get quite unpleasant side effects, including indigestion and constipation.Moreover, some people suffer from a disease called hemochromatosis, in which too much iron is assimilated, says Professor Means.Such people have an excess of iron can lead to arthritis, diabetes, liver disease and many other diseases.If you feel that you do not have enough iron, ask your doctor for a blood test.

7. People with anemia have strange craving for FOOD

among people with iron deficiency occurs an unusual craving for food, called the peak.Most often they are drawn to chew ice.But this is not the most unusual: some have drawn cigarette ashes, others are lured on cardboard boxes!Fortunately, such oddities quickly pass the reduction of iron levels in the body.

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