Leave to return itself to itself

Leave to return itself to itself
More and more of our compatriots involved in the development of his inner world.In this respect, become popular outreach activities.The fact that such a body-oriented psychotherapy, and how best to work with your own I, we talk with Dmitri Voropayev, body-oriented psychotherapist, head of the school of massage and oriental healing practices "Living hand."

- Dmitry, tell us what the body-oriented psychotherapist?

- body-oriented psychotherapy uses a variety of methods aimed directly at a person's body.It may be various kinds of massage or exercise.Their peculiarity lies in the fact that any one of them directed not only clamps relaxation, and more awareness of the body and emotional otreagirovanie.This is what leads to healing.

- Many believe: to work on yourself, you have somewhere to go.How do you think?

- First trip - it is an opportunity to combine business with pleasure: relax, gain new knowledge and experience to work the body and mind, to find new friends and like-minded people.Many meet your

soul mate, a person with similar interests and internal world.

- Probably, the distance from home and everyday life, from the urban environment is also useful?

- Of course.If, for example, you come to the forest, good news is that the forest can not often use the computer and other gadgets.This, in my opinion, is very useful for the modern man.But you can feel the birds singing, the beauty of the plants and trees, the lapping of the open water and the taste of spring, the beauty of sunrises and sunsets, the crackling fire of coals, hear live music instruments and singing voice now.

As a specialist in Eastern and Western medicine, I can definitely say that the mere presence in a natural for any human environment extraordinarily positive effect on all the systems and functions of the body, primarily in the central nervous and hormonal systems, guiding all the other systems;tidies metabolism, relieves stress and harmonizes energy, synchronizes biorhythms.

By the way, the sea more quickly relaxes people regain strength, relieves stress, reveals the inner potential, energizes, gives a great feeling.The benefits of walking on the earth and mildew, sand and small stones on the beach written entire books.Stay in the water and mud beneficial for the nervous and immune systems, musculoskeletal system.The content of iodine in the sea air has a positive effect on the hormonal system (particularly the thyroid gland), cures colds, improves immunity.Meditation under the natural sounds of nature makes it much faster to dive into your own subconscious mind, to come back to himself, to store energy.The noise of the surf itself calms the nervous system, consciousness and enters the person in meditative trance, restoring harmony.

Being at sea level reduces the load on the cardiovascular system, and the rise in the mountains, on the contrary, it trains.Increased oxygen consumption - an important factor.

We occasionally conduct outreach activities.It somehow creates the habit of an active lifestyle and positive thinking, self-knowledge and work on yourself, taking care of yourself and your body, respect for themselves, others, nature and the world as a whole.

terms of learning information offsite trainings are most effective, due to the switching effect: a person throws the burden of daily problems, included in holiday mode, resets the conscious and subconscious, so that knowledge and skills are absorbed by the body easily and naturally.Gone chronic fatigue and negative.Users spend less time on domestic, distracted by trivia.Do not spend time and energy on something to get to the place of study.They focus on the learning process, are immersed in it.For example, employment by improving practices in nature are always much better than in the room.

- What places you recommend?

- a lot of beautiful places.In my opinion, it is, above all, Bulgaria - a country that lives by tourism, and a great place to stay: clean sea (the coast are blue UNESCO flag, and in the water are not found hazardous to human beings), gorgeous beaches, clean air,healthy food, a variety of accommodation options, friendly people, the lack of a language barrier, the presence of a wide variety of landscapes and attractions, ethnic spirit of Bulgaria, and many other positive aspects.

Balkans - in itself a very ancient place of power.On the territory of Bulgaria is very much esoteric places: hammered stones, Madeira, the house and the stone Vanga, the famous monasteries and mountain caves, ancient sanctuary and many others.You can go on in such unique places of excursions.In addition, Bulgaria - the cheapest country in Europe for tourists.

- What do you want readers VitaPortala?

- I recommend to sometimes go into unknown lands to come back and evaluate their homes.And it also will allow one hand to return "himself to himself," and on the other, to discover something new, to change within your body and mind.

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