Psychology of marriage scams

Psychology of marriage scams
What are the trends in the marriage market, how to avoid scams on the dating field, what methods they use, any manipulation of the most effective, whether it is possible to find a pair in the city and how to do it right?

This I talk with Denis Andreevich Shilkina - director and founder of the first center of marriage and family in the Russian Life Style Group.

- We exist for the relationship.Of course, there are successes and failures.All people are different.Some people are lucky, some do not.What's the problem?

- Here is an example.One of the clients of our center, wealthy, beautiful and successful woman 47 years since described their history with which it was faced, before turned to us.

«I met with Nikolai online free dating.We met.Nicholas is very nicely looked after, read poems, used beautiful metaphors and somehow subtly and quickly divined all my desires.I was in love!Of course, I am concerned at some aspects of his behavior, for example, he accidentally did not turn out the money at the ver

y moment when an urgent need to pay for purchases, the bill in a restaurant or a ticket to a movie theater.Then I tried not to think about it, but something told me constantly that good this story is not over.He often spoke of the "temporary financial difficulties," which attacked more and more often.It took me a large sum in the "treatment mom," and it was the last day I saw him. "

woman suffered in all respects.And this is not the only case.Rascal always seeks to use any woman who has the potential to make his life comfortable, wealthy, socially protected and would solve all his problems.

usually a professional in love affairs, he knows very well the psychology of women and owns the necessary techniques to manipulate a woman and tie her to him to achieve his goals.More often than not as a victim they choose lonely, but held a woman older than 40 years, is not married or divorced.

unconscious Based on the needs of women in the family, children and a loving man, scammers manage their behavior and hidden very effectively.This is facilitated by the many free sites and clubs of the acquaintances on the Internet, creating a fertile ground for manipulators and scams of all kinds.

- online dating market has been around for a long time.What has changed since then?

- Dating even 7-9 years ago were quite different.People really talked, it was possible to find friends of friends in their neighborhood, city.It was a novelty, and the goal of the visitors were a bit different, it is associated with the classical concept of dating.

Today it is a huge advertising platform.A huge number of visitors makes it possible, for example, speculate prices.According to some analytical sources, from 20 to 40% of the audience of modern websites - it 'bots', fictitious visitors started to increase traffic and traffic creates the illusion of having a choice.

number of well-known large-scale online dating players hold the entire technical department, which including create, support and updating the so-called empty profiles.

- So, how to identify the fraudster on dating sites?

- First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to what is indicated in the questionnaire.The fact that the questionnaires from unscrupulous adventurers often featured phone, write letters and errors.If you do not know, usually on dating sites to place a phone number and banned the filter is installed.Unscrupulous users to circumvent this prohibition, write your letters and phone specifically with errors.

Second, pay attention to the picture.In fact, it can be a picture of a little-known actor's good looks.

Determine this quite easily.Take his picture and start looking up in any major search engine.Just turn on the prompt "search by image".And you can easily find it on other websites.Photos of people are often found on dating sites, but under different names.

- What are the "Left" marriage agencies?

- Unscrupulous marriage agencies, clubs and so-called dating services usually once invited to a personal meeting with the applicant.You are fascinated by the fact that "You are like this man, but you have to come to our office in person to talk."

But when they met suddenly it turns out that you do not approach the applicant, it is now "business trip", "sick", etc.Then a representative of the agency just starting to sell their package, along with a photo album showing the "wonderful man" whom they have a bank.

correspondence and incoming messages in these agencies routinely looks, because they have received a mass mailing to many accounts at once.

These intermediaries should be treated with caution.Sometimes they appear to "personal advisor", "assistants to the applicant."A simple goal - to get the phone to replenish the database and further fraud.

If a marriage agency you are told that the service fee is different for men and women, this is another reason to guard.Where women can post information for free, as a rule, pay wealthy men who are looking for a mistress or kept woman.In those agencies where pay only women are waiting for you, "the male actors."

also worth wary if you do not want to release from the meeting.Or are you at the meeting voiced cost of the service and then with incredible ease, without apparent reason, sprinkling compliments fall in price by several times.Be sure - initially there is not supposed any real work with you.

When a contract be sure to ask to show the basic statutory documents of the organization.Wary if the company less than six months, as this is the average period for which the company acquires a negative on the internet, and it is necessary to change or legal person or address.Pay attention to the legal address.whether it coincides with the actual location.

- paid services on dating sites is becoming more and more.This is a trend?

- Absolutely.In our country, it is assumed that people initially registered on a dating site for free.But then, after filling out a detailed questionnaire, photo transfer is required to pay the so-called full access.And before you send one or two eye-catching photos of existing or not existing successful men or women for "heating".

- If you go back to Alphonse, and their methods, then after the first meeting can really clarify all?

- Maybe, but it's your time spent and nerves.Pay attention to the counter-questions.Responses from gigolo usually evasive, confused.

you immediately offered to arrange a meeting with the words: "I do not like to sit here on the Internet", "I prefer to communicate in real life", "I'm here by chance a few days ago signed up."Such requests often bidder as soon as possible to leave the phone after the first-second message.Obviously, he thinks long and hopeless serious dialogue.

- What do you advise the readers of the portal?

- Experts believe that the family and human values ​​destroyed cultured media distorted beliefs, and the pace of the modern city and the so-called klipovoy people thinking time out to stop and think about their own separate purpose of imposed beliefs virtually none.

But out there always, and changes in a person's life is not associated with the change of the environment, as it was accepted by most people.Changes occur in the presence of a self-motivation and, of course, the help of professionals.However, the first step towards the changes in life, of course, makes the man himself, and the success is in his own hands.

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