Valeria Aga : " Create a relationship with a loved one - it's not just sign the registry office "

Valeria Aga : " Create a relationship with a loved one - it
about sexual education of adults said Valery Aga, sexologist, the first and only in Russia certified American College of Sexologists, program director of the Center for Sexual Secrets education.

- Valeria, not everyone understands that the experts mean by the term "sexual education"?Whether it should be an ordinary person?

- Sex education - it is a process of purposeful provision and acquisition of knowledge in the field of sexology, which provides a comprehensive development of the individual in such important matters as the understanding of their sexuality, physiological and psychological characteristics of gender, sexual interaction with a partner, the culture of romantic and sexualrelationships and much more.

Unfortunately, in our country there is no primary, secondary, higher and vocational sex education.Agree, it is rather strange that such an important sphere of human life, sexuality, completely ignored by the scientific and educational community.There are many problems and tragedies in

the family life of many people with roots in the banal sexual illiteracy.Many ordinary people are not aware of their sexual nature, do not know how to convey to your partner's desires and not realize his desires.All these problems lead to conflict, resentment, and neurosis or even to sever relations.

- All the same we used to get this knowledge from friends, at least from their parents ...

- Unfortunately it's true.But it is better that this was done by professionals.They can convey to the most simple idea: create a relationship with someone else - is not only a sign in the registry office, and leave it at that.Create a really strong family relationships - it is hard work, which also need to learn, just like any other.And the sexual aspect is one of the cornerstones of the creation of a strong family and satisfaction for both partners.

Despite popular belief, sex education classes can not only be based on "life experience."The life experience of one person does not apply to situations arising in another life.Therefore, to manage the process of sexual education should be specialists - sexologists.

If you look deeper, any sexual act is under a psychological underpinnings.And only a person with professional knowledge in the field of psychology and sexology, able to competently guide you in sexual development, figure out your sexual needs and suggest how they can be met.All training techniques and methods must be tied to human sexual nature, on mutual pleasure of partners.

- It seems to me that "this subject" as it is considered closed for all ages.In his youth, we are ashamed to talk about it, and into adulthood ashamed to admit ignorance.Is it?

- Yes, people mature sexuality - is a separate issue.Somehow, she stigmatized in Russia.Although after menopause often comes second flowering of women.This problem is also related to the lack of normal sexual education.For example, many women just do not know that you need to train the intimate muscles.But this is a way to keep desire, pleasure and intimate health for life, not excluding the mature age.There are special courses for intimate muscles on sexuality in adulthood.

- is high if the likelihood that people who have lived together for decades diverge on sexual reasons?

- It is believed that the main reason for the gaps between partners - different sexual needs.But it is not so.Most people find it difficult to identify their sexual needs, know your body, the more the needs and characteristics of another person.Not that the sexual needs of the partners are different, leads to breaks, but that we can not properly convey their needs to a partner and can not properly hear his desires.On the contrary, different sexual needs bring variety to the couple's sex life.Even if partners have different sexual temperament, they can adapt to each other, if they are sexually literate enough and love their partner.

main for strong and long relations is a dialogue with each other.Do not hide their desires and needs, but we should not gloss over, if you do not like something.In turn, be attentive to the needs of his partner.Also, do not too much focus on their desires and emotions.First and foremost always think about how to make sure that it was good to your partner, not just you.

Do not be afraid to experiment, but always consensual.Love and try to understand each other, to take care and kindness towards each other, and then sexual interest will be with you for years to come.

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