Martha Belokon : " The new goal - the right path to healing "

The goal , as a means of psychological healing
Modern life - is a constant competition.Anyone who has more health and strength, has a competitive advantage over those who have not enough.In big cities there was the fashion for a healthy lifestyle, clean water, natural food, the use of concentrated additives to food, not only to maintain but also to improve their health.Marketers say that in the business of a competitor to win, it is necessary first of all to aim correctly.

And how to win the fight against disease?This is what we are talking with the practical psychologist, Ph.D., author of "Cinderella of the third millenniumĀ» Martha Belokon .

- It is said that man is recovering, if puts any purpose, not even related to the recovery?

- Absolutely.If a person has no purpose, he relaxed and amorphous, prefers to sit or lie down.All body systems are working sluggish, many functions of the body will atrophy from inactivity.Therefore it is disintegrating friendly work different parts of the body and health level decreases.As soon as the desired g

oal, the body's systems are activated, configured to perform the task, beginning to work more smoothly, maintain and regulate their interaction.Blood begins to increasingly flow, improves metabolism, increases the level of health has only one thought, it is necessary to act in order to achieve the desired.Everyone knows that if a person is a lot, it weakens and begins to act - becomes stronger.

- Does it matter how high the goal?

- Yes.And it is desirable to put more and more new higher goals.If the purpose of the concrete, for example, to build a country house, once it has been achieved, the meaning of existence is lost and like to live no longer what.Then, as they say, it begins to "crumble health."There are cases: a person has completed the construction of cottages and died because it was his only goal.A large number of people in retirement age, end up working life and start to hurt.

- It is true that the word "goal", "solid" and "healing" have a common root?So, people who have goals are healthier?

- Noticed correctly.It happens that a person has a lot of goals, sometimes not of his own, and induced, others.Then a man torn between these goals, he's upset, raschetveren, crucified.Psychologist, doctor, healer helps to define their goals and to remove false.Man ceases to be torn, his soul finds greater peace of mind, the mind - clear.Life and health are improving, a person is healed.

- Do you think that parents influence the choice of targets children?

- We know that parents often impose goals for their children.Parents image correction can significantly improve their lives. Psychologists have found that resentment and the rejection of the father often leads to low incomes.Developed by psychologists trainings allow to adjust the relations and financial situation improves.Resentment at her mother and her rejection generate difficulties in family life, which is also adjusted with the help of professional psychologists.

- There is an opinion that the "high" target relieve such thing as professional burnout and nervous breakdown.Is this true, and how does this mechanism work?

- Ā«professional burnout syndrome" is symptomatic.First of all, a violation of the perception of time.It seems to accelerate.Violated sleep and rest.Insomnia at night and daytime sleepiness.Modified food and sexual behavior.Overeating or loss of appetite, decreased libido, and power characteristics violation erectile-ejaculatory activity or the appearance of anorgasmia in women.Changing the nature of man becomes grumpy, out ability to joy growing cynicism.This is how a defense mechanism: forcing yourself work, one finds the culprit, blaming system and devaluing higher personalities.

- That is, it is necessary to do what he likes?

- It is known that a properly selected activity eliminates the trouble.For example, the mother may be tired physically, but never burn out emotionally.The same applies to the people of creative professions, who are passionate about their work, hermits and monks.They live idea.Fanatically devoted to the interests of all humankind, scientists suggest that work for the good of the planet."Emotional burnout" - the lot of stepmothers, artisans, those who are called commoners, hypocrites;people who work for the purpose of survival, not disgrace to the neighbors and to make ends meet;people who live from paycheck to paycheck, those who have difficulty waiting for Friday night and the following weekend, those for whom the business is only a means.

- Psychologists believe that all enthusiastic creative people have so-called "global" goals.

- The purpose of a tool is not included in the artificial stress caused by the press and the general life of the city.In order to achieve the goal, it is necessary to focus, narrow your attention, do not be distracted by the fact that the target does not.In such cases it is recommended not to watch TV and read newspapers.Then the man does not waste his time and mental energy on listening to the problems of the Australian tribes, or the British miners nezarytoy nearby ditch.He directs the conservation of resources on its target, thus does not overload, do not deplete your health.

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