12 August

L. Suleymanova : "For the health of the student if the parents are responsible , and the school "

L. Suleymanova : "For the health of the student if the parents are responsible , and the school "
In Mental Health Day Health Ministry chief psychiatrist of Russia published the data, according to which 60-80% of schoolchildren anomalies and deviations in mental health.However, about 40% of children, primary school students suffer from the so-called school maladjustment - difficulties or complete inability to adapt to the conditions of the school, which also affects the ability to learn.

What exactly led to such results, we asked to speak to a psychologist, the candidate of psychological sciences Lucius Suleymanov .

- Lucia, which has led to such results?

- First of all, it's a lot of stress, which is experiencing a child to enroll in school.The need for timely preparation for school, unfortunately, is not built into the consciousness of the majority of today's parents.If earlier a child begins to prepare for school as soon as he began to speak, it's not every child has an idea of ​​what is waiting for him there.

- And what does "timely" training?

- I believe that the timely prepar

ation starts with 3 years.And above all, professionals need to do diagnosis of mental development of the child, the definition of the level of its readiness for kindergarten.This timely joint "work" specialists with the family can be identified and to stop the early stages of the problems that subsequently can lead to poor academic performance and behavioral abnormalities, as experts say, deviation.Sometimes, there are indications and to earlier screening for medical reasons, up to 3 years.

- So, the responsibility for the parents?

- Most adult clients say the following: "If I as a child was a good child psychologist, I would have been a different person."Of course, the psychological education of parents is very important.On the other hand, note taking pictures that the chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of Health proposed and teachers to explore the features of child psychology and mental development.Experts believe may soon expect teachers and a special education program.That is, I would like it to be a joint responsibility of both parents and the school.

- What do you, as a psychologist, want readers VitaPortala.

- According to the World Health Organization, to date, the world has more than 450 million mentally ill people.Dear colleagues, teachers and parents, I wish you strength and patience in your complex problems, and all readers - health, and mental as well.

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