Man and beast

Why host like your pet ?
choosing a cat or dog, most people first of all pay attention to the appearance of the future pet - and preference is given to those who have something resembling themselves.Why?
This and other intricacies of our relationship with the brothers less tells the psychologist, director of psychological center of Oia Kim.
.: BK Psychologists say that, looking after myself a pet, people subconsciously hoping that it was with the most similar to himself in particular will develop emotional relationships.Is it true?
IK .: Yes, people have long pointed to the fact that animals often resemble their owners, and it may be impossible to understand who someone recalls and what it involves.Such "couples" sometimes even behave the same way.That is, the man and his pet is incredibly close, it is clear that the others at a glance.
good example of such a connection can be a person, leading an active lifestyle, which watches her figure and a lot of sports.He and pet lives in the same way of taking all the host
habits and copying them.Naturally, this is reflected in the appearance of the animal, its character and behavior.
Yet such similarities - it's just an interesting coincidence rather than a psychological compatibility factor.You do not necessarily have to be similar to your cat or dog for emotional intimacy between you.The pet - a friend who knows how to feel the state of the host, to share with him his sadness or joy, support and give affection.
BK .: Why do some people prefer aggressive dogs?
IK .: It is believed that they prefer unsociable people who can not take into account the needs and interests of other people.Owners of aggressive dogs can be unpleasant in communication, unfriendly and suspicious, almost all of them inhospitable.So they are trying to protect themselves from a hostile world.On this subject, a study was conducted in the University of Leicester.Scientists have not found a connection between love of dogs aggressive and antisocial behavior.They dispel the myth that the way the owners are trying to attract the attention of the opposite sex.But scientists noticed that dogs with this character more often chosen by young people.
.: BK Cruelty to animals - a measure of a vicious person abuser or a symptom of a deep mental disturbance?
IK .: Psychologists forensic clearly know that those who are able to commit cruelty to defenseless animals could switch to humans.There is a well-known scholar in this environment, Robert Ressler, an expert in criminology, criminal psychology and criminology, he has created an image for the FBI typical serial killer.He said that very often the killer begins with the murder and torture of animals as early as childhood.
Moreover, children torturers animals grow up in the most violent and aggressive criminals.This is confirmed by examination of psychiatric patients: those who repeatedly tortured dogs and cats have a high level of aggression to both animals and people.
Unfortunately, a crime in relation to vulnerable categories of society, and they include not only dumb animals, but also children, spouses, the elderly, often related to each other very closely.Children get home bitter lesson of cruelty to themselves and vent their anger and frustration on those who are weaker and more vulnerable, sometimes torturing them with even greater ferocity.Adults who believe in their power to ignore or mock the animal can project such behavior and their own children, expose them to similar tests.
can not condone cruelty to any living creature.This is unacceptable for all of us, is a threat to society as a whole and it is, society is obliged to realize it.
children should definitely learn to care for animals, respect their needs, it should become an integral part of education from the earliest years.It is the ethical treatment of animals can teach children how to build a good and positive attitude among people.
BK .: But with love to our younger brothers is important not to overdo it?For example, a "collector" of animals - is not so great?
IK .: Of course.On the one hand, a very noble pick a homeless animal and bring it home.But while it is not beyond reasonable.In American terminology gathering is defined as "abnormal human behavior, including the compulsive need to obtain animals in their submission, coupled with the denial of the suffering of these animals."Other common definition states that a collector has categorically denied its failure to provide the animals with food and water in sufficient quantity, unable to keep track of their health, providing veterinary care.
This and other behavioral signs can determine compulsive collecting as an obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.
Simply put, gathering the animals may be considered dependent, marasmus, dementia, or dementia in a scientific way, or even delusion.
BK .: But there is another, quite a large category of people.They are the ones who have no pet and who does not seek to acquire one.It somehow characterizes a person?
.: IK adult and independent person has a right not to have a pet and absolutely indifferent to him.What does it mean?So you have to take care of someone and someone to manage, you have close friends, you know that they will support you at the right moment, ready to take care of you, if it is necessary.This means that your senses are already occupied by those who are close to you and is important.You do not need to pour out their affection on a nice little beast and pushistenkogo.This suggests that you do not get tired to communicate with people easily come in contact with them, and in those situations, when someone buys a lap dog or a parrot, you simply call your children or a friend.
Yes, you do not want to take responsibility for another living being, because to begin with you need to at least deal with his own life.You do not want to depend on anyone.You instinctively feel: only a man can give you what you need and you do not need to replace the son of a kitten, a dog of her husband, and peace of mind and comfort of an aquarium with fish.You do not like animals, they are not interested in you, and you not a bit ashamed of those who you said that only evil and bad selfish like that for no reason do not like pets.You know that sometimes due to excessive love for animals hidden contempt and hatred of the people.
When choosing a pet, we unconsciously guided all three motives:
1. This animal looks at me, an exact copy of me.
2. I want to be like an animal: a fun romp and play pranks, and that nothing in it was not.
3. I want to close was a living creature that share with me my joys and sorrows.

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