How to read lying down

Important rules for healthy eyes
It is difficult to find a visual habit with which we are called to fight as hard as reading while lying down.I wonder why in this case doctors sidestep the question of reading in the sitting position, because it is too unprofitable.

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stagnation in the pelvis, hemorrhoids, back problems and many other diseases associated with it is the fact that we have to stay a long time inmonotonous sitting posture.Remember the image of medieval scholars.They tend to work standing for a special sloping desk.In Soviet times, some comprehensive schools on a pilot basis as the children were in the classroom at school desks, desks.However, this experiment did not last long.

Of course, we do not call for the dear reader to read exclusively in a standing position.Our advice is not so radical.Just try while reading as much as possible to change the position of the body.Every 10-15 minutes a few change position, if you have to sit for a long time.And even if you are

a little lie down or stand up with a book in their hands in between reading in a sitting position - it would be useful not only for the eyes but also for the whole body.

When reading in a prone position we get eye strain when unusual, aggravating circumstances, and therefore subject to certain conditions such loads can be considered training.Moreover, exercising regularly, you will be easier to read in this awkward position.

in an upright position under sufficient light, when the light falls back over the left shoulder, you can read for a long time without experiencing symptoms of visual overload.But lying at an inclined position of the page to your eyes you will feel discomfort in the first few minutes of reading.

Why is this happening?First of all, because when reading lying inevitably decreases the distance from the eye to the text specified when reading at his desk chair and table height.In addition, reading, lying down, it is practically impossible to comply with the central locking - the book will be under one or another corner of the eye.If a long time to read in the prone position without relaxing the eye, visual acuity, indeed, may be reduced.

must remember that reading in the supine position can be harmful not only for the eyes.In this position, the chest is compressed, slightly violates breathing.Hard blood circulation may be congestion in the cerebral cortex.One of the warning signs when reading lying are unpleasant pain in the back of the head.If you feel pain or discomfort in the head, gently adjust the position of the body, take the first sitting position, and then just get up and move.

All this can be avoided if you do not forget the sense of proportion.If you really want to read lying down, 10-15 minutes before bedtime to you, obviously, will not hurt.In addition, a short reading before going to bed is recommended as a remedy for insomnia - repetitive movements of the eyeballs soothe the nervous system and prepare the brain for sleep.In that case, of course, if you read something soothing.

But whoever Train read lying without discomfort, when read in normal circumstances would feel just as easily as a marathon runner on a short distance.

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