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What you need to know about vascular dystonia
dystonia (VVD) - the mysterious ailment.Our readers, not by hearsay familiar with his sharp temper, sure - it is a disease.Others believe IRR fiction malingerers.Comment on the most common misconceptions we asked the expert.

dystonia - Myth

of International Classification of Diseases diagnosis of "vegetative-vascular dystonia" no.This is due to the fact that the complaint of patients is too diverse, and the relationship between them is often lacking.Scattered symptoms do not fit the clinical picture of a disease.IRR is not a disease but a condition that modern medicine treats as "unspecified disorder of the autonomic nervous system."

would seem that a person is healthy - all organs and systems are functioning normally.And he feels bad!What's the matter?The problem really exists and is in the dysfunction of one of the areas of the brain - the one that controls vascular reactions to internal processes and external stimuli.Due to inadequate vasodilation or constriction of blood flow, and with it of

oxygen and nutrients to the brain and other body tissues is broken.As a result, the patient feels uncomfortable, sometimes very serious.


common misconception.Yes, teens - both boys and girls - are especially prone to disorders of the autonomic nervous system.Provoke them as hormonal storms, typical of adolescence, and inconsistency in the speed of development of muscular and cardiovascular systems.Someone with age problem disappears by itself, someone - no.Women suffer from it as often as men, because hormonal changes during pregnancy, after birth, around the time of menopause can disrupt vascular regulation.

get rid of the problem only medicines

This is not so.In many cases, the specific therapy required.Most patients enough to reconsider your lifestyle and make adjustments to it.First of all, we need adequate age and health exercise and normal sleep.If there are no contraindications, useful daily douche - he trains vessels.

Cropped undesirable symptoms helps medical massage, osteopathy, reflexology, physiotherapy and spa treatments.

However, drug therapy, and can not be reset from the accounts.When used anxiolytics increased anxiety.To reduce discomfort, such as high flow and saliva, skin redness, appoint vegetokorrektory.This term means normalizing the function of the autonomic nervous system.These include formulations containing potassium, magnesium or belladonna extract.In no case do not engage in self - it's dangerous!Any medication can be taken only with the approval and under the supervision of a physician.

IRR easily confused with dangerous diseases

Indeed, the correct diagnosis when vegetovascular violations difficult - the symptoms are often disguised as signs of serious pathology.Therefore we have to act by process of elimination.If the patient has no mental illness, and violations of the cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory, gastro-intestinal tract in order, and the state of health is poor, a doctor appears serious reason to suspect the IRR.


Violations vascular regulation can lead to a decrease or increase in blood pressure (BP).In both cases, the person suffering from the IRR, complex experiences uncomfortable feelings.

  • Against the background of low blood pressure disorder of the autonomic nervous system is manifested by lethargy, sleepiness, decreased performance, moderate oppressive headache.
  • If elevated blood pressure, patients complain of palpitations and throbbing pain, which is usually localized in the temporal areas.


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