Proper treatment of pain in the throat of mothers and babies !

How well was a child!Bad weather really was not!Winter seemed to be composed of all the New Year holidays, fun games in the snow, skiing, sledding and ice skating, snowballs and other fun.Spring pleased even timid sun, the first heat, puddles, streams, rubber boots and wood chips-ships.However, in recent years for some reason at this time it is often activated most insidious bacteria and viruses!

in our body to guard health is the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx - the first, main and most important barrier of our immunity.Not so easy to viruses and bacteria to break through this defense, created with wisdom and love.Unfortunately, the bad environment and bad habits do not go smoothly for us.As a rule, they lead to the fact that the epithelial tissue in our noses and throats becomes more vulnerable when attacking armies of bacteria and viruses, the protective functions of its weakening, and often heroic defense is broken advancing enemies - viruses, pathogenic bacteria and fungi, but our body onlyti

me to send a signal that the time to sound the alarm immediately and call in reinforcements!For sore throat, cough and runny nose can mean only one thing - the body penetrated foreign microorganisms that carry with them diseases and epithelial fields vengeance boils battle!How to help their own immunity to gather all forces and strongly repel the enemy attack?After all, if the virus attack will not be quickly repelled, the damaged epithelium open gates and other infections, viruses and bacteria that can cause complications, prolonged serious illness, to fight which already have with the help of heavy artillery - antibiotics.

The most effective thing you can do in this situation, which is the part does not look dangerous - is to help the epithelium quickly restore its protective function , and this will help Derinat spray .This is a natural activator of the body's defenses and its ability to resist viruses and restore damaged nasal mucosa, making it indispensable at any stage of the fight against the common cold.

usual set of the means, unfortunately, is not always effective and sometimes does not give the expected results, which means that after them we have to resort to antibiotics.From the outside it looks like - we could not actively support their own forces immunity when they fought an unequal battle "in the margins" of the epithelium of the nasopharynx, resulting in the breach surged hordes of hostile infection, which managed to penetrate into the interior of the body, damaging allto which they were able to get there!

To avoid such emergencies, you can advance to "tune" your body on the resistance to infection and help prevent the development of disease, or to translate it in a mild form. Derinat spray promotes activation defenses of the mucosa and of the whole organism, preventing both stage and at any stage of colds.He will thoroughly resist viruses and bacteria quickly restore the body's defenses of the mucosa and the whole organism and, therefore, to stop cold starting or put it in a lightweight form.The fact that it has all the modern means of properties needed in the fight against colds and flu: reducing (reparative), antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and immunomodulatory.However, the use of one drug, we do not limit ourselves.Add to this our extra care of yourself as a healthy lifestyle, regular room ventilation, humidification and walking outdoors in any weather - and none of us can overcome cold.And let nature is never bad weather and colds, viruses and infections let all remain in the past.

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Consult with an expert, verify possible contraindications.

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