Siberian scientists have found a way to block the virus encephalitis

Scientists analyzed the genomes of tick-borne encephalitis, we have found a way to protect the virus and develop drugs directed action.

Scientists from the Institute of Limnology (LIN SO RAN, Irkutsk) and the Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology (Vladivostok) have developed a method for blocking viral encephalitis, which will turn the pathogenic strain in a secure, said on Thursday the publication of SB RAS "Science in Siberia".

publication explains that, having analyzed the genomes of tick-borne encephalitis, scientists identified two groups of strains: pathogenic and do not cause disease, and found that the difference between them lies in the structure of the virus.According to researchers, the change of the structure will allow to protect the virus.

¬ęseveral key amino acid substitutions were identified that alter the conformation of the viral proteins.Given this, it is possible to develop drugs directed action that simulate the "transformation" of the virus in its "safe" option "- are words

in the message head of the laboratory analysis of Bioorganic Chemistry LIN SO RAN Sergey Belikov.

He explained that in the structure of a complex of two NS2B and viral proteins NS3 (protease) that are not included in the structure of the virus, but it provides breeding, there are options that have different pathogenicity.In pathogenic strains of the active site (part of the enzyme that determines its specificity and activity) misses the viral protein that is actively multiplies, while the mild it is closed, with the result that the virus multiplies ineffective and the body can easily handle it.

Scientists decided to simulate a situation in which the drug covers the active site and thus prevents the growth of the virus."The novelty of the approach is to block the approach" pathogen "protease protein, and not the active site.Last unsafe because affects not only the virus, but many other vital functions necessary for the proteases of the body that can lead to side effects, "- said in a statement.

researchers shortened the list in 2000 of the medicinal compounds have already selected the 20 most suitable, one of which in experiments on mice has shown a very good effect - it reduced the effect of the virus in 10 thousand times."In our list of 20 compounds, some of which can block replication of the virus more active, but they are not in our pharmaceutical network.Now we need the customer, which will finance the completion of this work, "- Belikov said.


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