Androlog - responsibilities , consultation , reception

Contents: 1. specifics of andrologist 2. used treatments 3. doctor andrologist Activities 4. Features consultation andrologist androlog - a doctor who has been treating a variety of diseases, pathological processes and malfunctions in the male reproductive system.In other words, he is a specialist in andrology any problems with the male reproductive system.Andrologist ...

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Allergist - responsibilities , consultation , reception

Contents: 1. What is an allergy? 2. When should you go for a consultation with an allergist? 3. Children allergist allergist is a medical specialist who deals with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of allergic reactions.In addition, the doctor will determine the cause of allergies, as well as mechanisms of their manifestation.Currently, an appointment with an allergist is...

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Obstetrician - responsibilities , consultation , reception

Contents: 1. Obstetrician: a brief job description 2. What the survey has the right to appoint an obstetrician? 3. Suitable for obstetrician profession? 4. How to choose a specialist in obstetrics? Occupation obstetrician is both interesting and challenging, and honorable medical profession, which demand is currently very obstetrics specialist help to women durin...

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