Abdominoplasty abdomen - indications for surgery

Contents: 1. What is abdominoplasty? 2. Indications for abdominoplasty. 3. Contra abdominoplasty 4. Before and after surgery One of the main features of beautiful figure - slim tight stomach, but not everyone turns to build muscle in the body.A negative impact on the state of the stomach dramatic weight loss or pregnancy in women.Sometimes simple physical exercises do n...

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Analysis on AFP - especially reading and decoding

Contents: 1. Why rent analysis of the AFP? 2. How to prepare for the analysis of the AFP? 3. What does the analysis of the AFP during pregnancy? 4. Some features of the delivery of the analysis on the AFP blood alpha-fetoprotein, or AFP for short - is a protein that is produced in the liver and the gastrointestinal tract of the embryo.It begins production of the substanc...

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What is acoustic impedancemetry and why ?

Contents: 1. When appointed? 2. Contraindications 3. How to prepare? Acoustic impedancemetry used to assess the state of the external auditory canal and middle ear.This method allows you to examine the state of the functions of the auditory tube and provides the information necessary to select the treatment strategy tubotitov.The results of acoustic impedance is one of the ...

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